Oh hello, August!


Summer Lovin’ Intentions: Check-in

A look at the goals & intentions I set for this summer and the progress I’ve made in my personal life. #Progress

You don’t deserve to be my Dad, or my siblings.

My biological father isn't what a father should be; nor was his father. If you have a Grandfather,Dad, Step-Dad, Adopted Dad, or even a male guardian figure who is supportive, lets you be yourself, and many other positive things please tell them thank you. I also started tearing up when I was writing this, and for years …

Two month later update!

Hey guys! I am currently multi-tasking by re-watching season one finale of Doctor Who, from 2005! Asa Doctor Who fan, I am preparing for season nine premiering in September! The other day I tried to upload a video to YouTube, but after recording for twenty minutes, I did not feel like editing. I think I …