Clean Energy & Arcadia Power

If you are tired of electricity companies not using renewable energy, then join Arcadia Power as a way to show other companies the importance of renewable energy.Β 


Reading Habits

Over the years, my lifestyle continues to mold into a way that I enjoy having time to create, as well as read other people's works. Some of the questions I found were from a reading questionnaire guide, as a way for people to know your own personal tastes. This next Wednesday, I'll be releasing a …

Monday Minimalism

Hello and welcome to a new week in July! Today's post is for those who are new to minimalism and or for those who having been living this lifestyle for sometime. The mid- portion of this blog, is a fun list of what I survive with. As always, you can follow me here on WordPress …

Independence & Relationships

I don't need an expensive ring. Something simple will do. Hello, and happy Independence Day! Today's blog post is a lifestyle blog about engagements, relationships, etc. On Friday, I'll be releasing another lifestyle blog and next week, I should be back to writing about books. Until then, always feel free to follow me on WordPress …


Hello and welcome to my tenth taking inventory series post. July has just begun and to me, summer fun has ended. I'll explain why soon, but for now feel free to follow me on all available social media platforms (Instagram or Twitter are fun places to start). Let's go! Word of the month: Transition. July …

Why I keep my distance from my dad

Forgiveness isn't easy. I don't have any advice for forgiving someone for damage they caused. Each person finds a way to forgive what needs to be forgiven. Mine just happened to take a decade.

Menstrual Cycles are the WORST

Let's say a cycle is seven days each month and you use an average of two pads in a day. Fourteen pads in one cycle. Fourteen times 12 equals 168. In one year, you would spend $54 on 180 pads. Buying even justΒ one reusable cloth pad can reduce the amount of waste of 180 pads and even save you $35 in one year alone.