Writing this in some downtime I have today before I have a somewhat relaxing weekend.  I also took the header photo two weeks ago when I was editing my Novel till 5 am. Cough Danielle, you need to work on your Photography. Anyways…

Over the past month, I realized how unhappy I was with how my blog was going. I couldn’t decide what topics to write on. I still love to write on many topics, so I decided to come up with a new writing schedule. 

My new release schedule will look like this:

On Mondays, I will release articles containing cute pictures (or hopefully videos) of a Vegetarian or Vegan recipe I have attempted. If you enjoy Vegan or Vegetarian meals, always feel free to share them with me! Always feel free to follow me on Pinterest and share them with me there, too! I also plan on writing about why I began my Vegetarian diet years ago and the falls that come with it (cough, money).

On WednesdaysI will release have articles released about writing. I believe the first few articles I have planned through late September will go back to the basics of English. Understanding verbs, pronouns, etc. When October comes, I will begin the conversation of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and begin the conversation of story and character development. 

On Fridays, I would like to release my freelance writings. What do I mean by this? For me, this means book reviews, current events, etc. Like today, I released a article doing a self- evaluation on my goals I made earlier this year. –Check it out here!–  I actually wrote this on Tuesday, because that’s when I truly felt like writing about it.

I think that’s what I like about my new writing schedule. I write when I feel like writing about it and publish it days later, unknown with what life changes before me. Sips coffee. I make it to where what I write isn’t affected by what life throws my way. My anxiety can take a break! 

I have not considered much about participating in blog hops or any monthly special projects. I might do one or two, but it depends. I hope I am able to enjoy this new release schedule better than when I didn’t have a release schedule! 

Before I forget, I created a second blog, to keep my love for sports off my writing blog (this one). IF you enjoy everything sports and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) related, give my wrestling blog some love! That one is a wordpress.com site, so its not on a release schedule, yet! 😉
You can follow Wrestling Weekend Podcast’s WordPress here!

I always like to tell my readers thank you for reading, because I truly mean it. I follow over two hundred blogs myself and keeping up with blogs and friends on social media takes time. Thank you for following me on this update! If you would like to follow me on Twitter, you always can here on Twitter @DanielleSully19