Pexels1. There are no crosswalk buttons. In Oklahoma, all the crosswalks have buttons you have to push (sometimes more than once) to make the crosswalk sign change. In New York, every single crosswalk is automatic. Every single one. The technology! 2. People here put straws in their pop cans. How weird is that?? Maybe it’s…

via 10 Thoughts You’ll Have As A Southerner Living In NYC — Thought Catalog

In June I visited NYC for 13 days. It was really fun, and these 10 pointers from a fellow Oklahoman tells you more about what its like to live in NYC. I noticed all these things in the city while I was there, and I firmly believe that NYC will be a vacation city, rather than place to reside for me. With NYC being so crowded, it helps me enjoy Oklahoma City and other smaller cities better.

Thank goodness for wide open spaces. Hint, classic Dixie Chicks song.

Speaking of NYC, I’ll be traveling to Boston, MA this weekend for four days to enjoy the end of October with friends, go to a WWE PPV, and to enjoy my second home away from home-Boston! The last time I was in Boston, was in 2013. I got to attend a Red Sox game then, and go to a band convention. Now, I can just relax.



I’ll do a blog for when I return, or while I am there, but until then, thanks for reading!

-Danielle Sullivan