I have two more blogs, and I’m about to explain the difference between my three blogs.

WHY would you run three blogs?Β 

As someone who has been on WordPress for over two years, I am still slowly building my subscribers here, and readers. I realized that my WP blog was really good for personal writings, gardening, and healthy living. I have moved my wrestling writings to my wrestling and sports blog, because I plan on going into Sports Broadcasting. Then, I realized I wanted a professional blog for my writings and working on my photography skills. All in all, I have three blogs, each for its own purposes.



HOW will I manage all these blogs?

One way I write is when I feel the creative pull or connection to write, I write. Since I don’t have any fancy broadcasting equipment to record better quality audio, I will be using YouTube and Wrestling Weekend Podcast website to upload my content. The personal and professional blog will be updated weekly, most likely.

With National Novel Writing Month approaching, I will be using my professional blog to post updates on my progress, drafts, and creative ideas. I also will do a special blog here about National Novel Writing Month, what its like to be a freelance writer/blogger, and other specialty content that has personal stories.

WHERE can I subscribe and follow the blogs and podcasts?

Check out the links to my blogs, and follow me on Twitter and YouTube!

Danielle’s Professional Blog

Wrestling Weekend Podcast

Danielle’s YouTube Channel

Twitter: @DanielleSully19 & @WrestlingWeekendPodcast

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