Happy weekend! It has been awhile since I have been active on the Wrestling Weekend Podcast page, or my personal wordpress. For now, it is the samething, but now since I have a laptop, I can contine writing, blogging, and eventually go into Podcasting. Podcasting has always been an interest of mine, it just got delayed when my MacBook Pro crashed in the middle of the summer.

Fun Fact: the header picture is from WrestleMania 32 Axxess weekend in Dallas, Texas. πŸ˜€

Tomorrow is WWE RAW’s first PPV on their own since the brand split.Β Clash of Champions, which will be live from Indianopolis, Indiana, and entertaining. There’s going to be a pre-show match, and well, let’s just go straight into predictions.

Alicia Fox v. Nia Jax

Aka the “squash match.” I am hoping to see more offensive moves from Jax, and I would like to see Fox use her speed as a defensive tactic. The pinfall will go to Nia Jax. If we had an interference, maybe it could be from someone who is tring to save Fox, but the only person I could see doing that (and who is on the RAW Women’s rooster) is … yeah, no one.

Ceasaro v. Sheamus, Match Seven in Best of Seven Series

I have to admit that I have not been paying attention during this series. When you tell fans, or even casual fans, to sit and watch a match up for seven match-ups, we are bound to only watch like two or three of them. The first match they had before the actual series began was actually really good, and the one I paid attention to. And then, when on RAW, we were told about the best seven out of seven series, I lost interest. So, who am I going for? Well, if this is TRULY for a future title opportunity, I am going for Cesaro. He’s fresh in many fans eyes and repersents the “new era” more than Sheamus. So, I’ll say pinfall victory from Cesaro.

Sami Zayn v. Chris Jericho

As someone who has always enjoyed Chris Jericho, even through the dry times, I am more biased with Jericho than Zayn. This match could steal the show, but I believe there’s another match that will steal the show, and that’ll probably be put on before this one. I’m picking Chris Jericho so the feud can continue, and build.

WWE Crusierweight Championship Match: TJ Perkins v. Brian Kendrick

With this past weeks RAW showcasing the new crusierweight talent, I (like many fans) couldn’t help but notice he absense of our current WWE Crusierweight Champion, TJP Perkins. I am curious as to know why, from a creative viewpoint. Was it because of the huge shoulder sore from TJP’s victory match against Gran Metalik? Was he tring to finish any Indy tour dates he might’ve had? Maybe TJP could answer this in a interview before his match, and maybe then we, as fans, will be glad to see why he wasn’t put on RAW, as the champion, the first night.

This is the match that can steal the show. For me, this has a lot of implications on what the company has in mind for the cruiserwieght divison. Which, what do they have in mind? If they were afraid of showing TJP as champion, does that mean they only wanted him to win the tournament, but needed a smooth way to introduce the “new” championship? That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian Kendrick comes out with a victory, or even if TJ Perkins wins. Its hard for me to pick a winner, but by reading over the questions I have about the crusierweight divion and for “why” TJ Perkins was not on RAW, I suppose I have a sneaky feeling that TJ Perkins is going to lose the title at Clash of Champions.

RAW Tag-Team Champions The New Day v. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

I am a fan of both of these tag-teams. While the New Day’s championship rein has gone stale, it is not interly their fault. While I am glad we are not watching The New Day v. Enzo & Cass. I say this, because we would have to pick as fans, who would win, so yeah. Anyways, I would love a Gallows & Anderson tag-team championship win, and to see Kofi Kingston join the Cruiserweight division with Neville, and maybe see where the New Day go without the tag team belts.

RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte v. Sasha Banks v. Bayley

I was able to see the best women’s match of the year in attendance. I am refering to Charlotte v. Sasha Banks v. Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 32. All three women have held the women’s championship, or are currently holding the women’s championship. All three women have had history with each other, from WWE to the NXT diviosn. With Bayley coming to RAW just last month, Sasha’s one on one match with Charlotte (where Sasha was crowned champion), we’ve seen some of the best women’s wrestling on RAW.

I believe that Sunday’s match will be fantastic, and I’ll do a quick comment on Bayley. I was a small fan of her’s in NXT. I liked her in ring style, and while her personality didn’t charm me, I understood how it charmed everyone else. I was fine with that. Once she came to RAW, I’ve been unhappy with Bayley’s character. It is as if WWE hit the reset button on Bayley. I wonder why I feel this way? I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way. Maybe it was becuase it was assumed that those who do not watch NXT would like Bayley, or understand herself? I am not sure. Anyways, I cheer for Charlotte. I’d also like to see Dana Brooke interfere to help Charlotte, but in a unfair way.

United States Champion Rusev v. Roman Reigns

Look, I enjoy Roman Reigns. I understand why people don’t BUT right now just doesn’t seem like the right time to have him beat Rusev for the US Championship. That’s because I am truly enjoying Rusev’s title reign, and I could also see that WWE is wanting to get Reigns back on our good side. To a lot of fans, putting the US Championship on Reigns will give them a reason to boo him, and a reason to cheer against the compnay’s man. Yeah, something like that.

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens v. Seth Rollins

Talk about a match worth investing in. You have two superstars who are worth putting the gold on, and one who I never thought would get the title, Kevin Owens. Triple H will be a factor, so I woulsd suggest that Kevin Owens wins thanks to said factor. I’m hoping that no one gets injured during this match, nor during any match. I think this match could be an Iron Man match if it was booked that way, but maybe that can be at Survivor Series. Also, Triple H needs to talk to Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley about why he’s been interfering, but I hope he does that on RAW, not on Clash of Champions.


So there are my predictions. I say two title changes (US and tag-team) and hopeuflly a B+ to a solid A rating show.