Have I ever told you that I love butterflies? Butterflies are fantastic for the garden.

I also have a butterfly weed specifically for butterflies to come and get nutrition, as well as flowers that will help out bumblebees and butterflies.

Those are the pretty types of butterflies, but the butterflies of neverousness are not pretty at all. They like to set in at any time, and stay for a while. It takes some deep breathing and meditation for them to go away.

We are approaching the end of summer, and I know why I have butterflies in my stomach. I move out of my comfort zone for a ten-month internship. The internship was something that I found myself being called to join, and it took two years for it to come true.

If you read my previous blog that kicked off the Spirituality Series, you can read the beginnings of that here for reference.

2013 General Assembly: Introductions

I was able to attend the General Assembly for the Disciples of Christ in Orlando, Florida. Fresh off of Freshman year in college, I wasn’t too trilled about certain aspects of my religion or denomination. I was more excited about going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I found a large basket of plastic balls and a playground like atmosphere for teens and adults. I challenged my sister that we should go over and talk to them, so we could jump in. We did, and while I did not go to the youth event that night, I had a blast talking to the representation of advocates for equal healthcare, civil rights,  and being earth friendly. The National Benevolent Association got me with the abbreviated name; the NBA.

I received emails and updates about their internship program, XPLOR, over the next few years, and learned more about what NBA stood for.

2015: Questions

Because General Assembly is only every two years, I was able to go again,but this time with more interest than the last. Going to Columbus, Ohio, I was representing a Oklahoma church, getting to help Usher in people, and I ended up helping with the yes and no microphones during the legislation part of the convention part of the convention. I visited the NBA area, but wasn’t going to jump into the “pool” this time. I was able to revisit the same people I met two years ago, and stay up-to-date on their lives. I could not find the youth room one night, if I recall.

I participated in NBA pop-up cafe events, where we got to learn more about the purpose of the XPLOR internship. Each of the twenty-four residents talked about where they were from, where they were going and a fun fact, or what they were going to do. I also had fun dancing with some filipino gentlemen, because we were all showcasing our latest Michael Jackson moves. Since it was so close to the end of the Assembly, it was a fun way to relax.

2016: Opportunites

 Several months passed by, and I was stuck at home. Before I could return to college,  I would have to pay back some student loans and what I owe to the University. I even would need to move back,but I know that I am not ready right now to return to college. There was an opportunity to apply for the XPLOR internship in May. I took it.

May was actually past the deadline. I was filling in an open spot. I did not apply earlier because my health was not where it should be. I had many of my health answer answered in late April, so when the application came, I took it.

To learn more about the XPLOR program, you can read about it on the official website!

The Future:

By the end of May, I was accepted into the program, and learned that I would be staying in Dallas, Texas for my 10 month residency.Over the summer I have learned who I will be working for, and what church I will be spending six to ten hours a week with.  I will be moving to Dallas in two weeks, and then heading to meet my fellow residents and residents who will be located all across the states. This is an exciting time for all of us, as we learn what we are called to do, and see how we can improve as a whole, denomination, and individually.


Blessings and Thank You for Reading,

Danielle Sullivan