Good morning!

It’s currently 1:57 am right now in the States, and I am having trouble sleeping. I’m supposed to be up in six hours, but I mean go figure-I can’t sleep on days that I am excited to go meet new people, and gain some more confidence and momentum that I need for life, right?

Right now, I am an undecided sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, and as a Transfer, I have difficulties trying to fit in. Luckily, I have friends who help me reach out to others in times of stress and high levels of anxiety and depression.

One thing that helps me, personally, relax and relieve some of those effects of life and school, is to write. Writing and reading allows me to escape into a world that is not my own. While being careful about what you write (and maybe even read) is important, sometimes just letting the pen or pencil write what first comes to mind might surprise you in what capabilities you have as an artist, and a writer.

I just wrote (like ten minutes ago) a short little poem I posted to my Tumblr page (which you can follow me if you wish!) to help “Save a Life”. Except for adjusting some wording, I posted the original that I wrote down in my writing journal.

Fun Fact: I have multiple writing journals, but its easy for me to know which ones to write in. One, is a story I wrote back in 2012, and I cannot get myself to continue writing after hitting page 90, because I started getting off the path I intended for originally. Or, there’s the six volumes of play writing I wrote from 2009-2010, that in the end, I burned in the fire place, because I knew that the story wasn’t any good. And the more I think about those two stories now, the more I realize that they weren’t half bad for a high schooler!

I, myself, have Depression Disorder, so I wrote this from the bottom of my heart, and mainly to myself. I also pictured the writer being the (for me, male) one in love with the girl, who decided that she could not continue through the darkness.

Anyways, the link below is the direct link to my poem, and I hope you enjoy it!

With love,

Danielle Sullivan